Welcome to Learn@ProtoCentral

This is our new initiative towards converting all the information required to required to get started with ProtoCentral's products. The products currently covered by this site are:

ProtoCentral OpenPressure 24-bit pressure sensor DAQ with ADS1220

OpenPressure is a result of our work in trying to interface pressure sensors to an ADC as well as a display system based on Arduino. We found the ADS1220 to be a great chip that can directly take a 4-wire, 3-wire or a 2-wire sensor and give the digital output.

ProtoCentral Kalam v3 IOT platform - Starter Kit

ProtoCentral Kalam v3 is our newest IOT platform based on the ESP8266 Wi-Fi SoC. It's easy-to-use, low cost and easily scalable.

IoT is now made easy with quick plug-and-play functionality in both hardware and software. Based on the popular ESP8266 Wi-Fi SoC from Espressif, this board contains everything required, right out of the box.

This kit includes all the basic components required to get your Kalam-based IoT project up and running.